Walrus & the Bear | Berlin and Beyond

In this weeks episode; a behind the scenes look in the lives of Walrus and Otter. Being a tour guide in Berlin is a heck of a job. The past hundred years are among the most turbulent years in western history, and to a large extent, Berlin was right in the middle of it. How do you frame a city like Berlin, how does it stick out from it’s global counterparts? How do you reflect on some of the best and worst moments in western history? And what tools do tour guides have at their disposal to engage with their audience?

Co-host: Ysanne Choksey Thanks to Mariette, Kai, William, Elodie, Mohamad, Peregrin and Leon Weintraub ReMemory event Refugee Voice Tours Quote from ‘Book of Symbols - City’ read by Geoffrey John King Music: Mark Schilders and Svetnik, LY Foulidis, Svetnik


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