EQT008 – Part2 – The flying Dutchman, top header in the Bundesliga, today head of football tactics on SKY-TV! – Interview with Erik Meijer

Welcome to part 2 of the interview with Erik Meijer! Feel invited for sort of a goose bumps feeling, when he is telling a story before the UEFA Cup Final between Liverpool and Alaves. Since he had a ligament injury he could not play. So before the game started, he was outside the stadium in Dortmund with some friends of him, but when the LFC supporters recognized him, they lifted him on a big rock - after having had some beers together ;) – amid the centre of downtown Dortmund and he had to sing a song for them “You´ll never walk alone …” and thousands of LFC supporter started following him. A day he will never forget in his life!


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